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Exciting New Product Lines!

Here at The Butterfly Book Club, we have been working day and night on some new projects! We want to ensure that we have something for everyone!


By now, I am sure you have all seen our new reading journals - Fluttering Through Pages: The Butterfly Book Club Journal. These are specially designed for readers, Bookstagrammers and TikTokers who love to track, document and organise their posts, reads and review commitments!

This item is the first in a series of new reading accessories designed by The Butterfly Book Club, which we are naming 'Butterfly Essentials', and we have a bunch of new exciting items coming soon! We'd love to hear which reading essentials you are desperate for, so please do contact us on our socials to let us know!


Many of our book box features are the first book in a series, so we created The Hive last year as a place to launch matching special edition sequels! And now, it will become much more!

Whilst we are focusing on newer releases in our subscription boxes, we can't ignore the amazing completed series and standalones out there. So, we will be launching books, omnibuses and series in The Hive that are separate from our boxes! These books will be exclusive editions and include special customisations for an incredible reading experience.

Our first announcements are coming soon!!


The Hive products will all be extremely exclusive, with only one print run expected per book! Those holding a subscription plan will receive early exclusive access to purchase, 24 hours prior to public sales open!

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