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This box will be ready in time to collect at AATA! Please read the following carefully to ensure that this is the order for you!

🦋 If you have a subscription, this book will be featured in our August romance box.  Although you will not be able to collect it at the event, due to your payment not coming out until August, you will be able to leave personalisation notes with us so that your book comes custom signed. 

🦋 If you don’t have a subscription, you can buy this one off box listing! Adaline will be nearby to sign books personally!

This is a dark romance book and comes with the following customisations:

💜A hardback book with a brand new cover

💜Digitally printed edge

💜Sprayed top and bottom edges

💜Character art end papers

💜Foiling on the cover

CONVENTION - Beneath your Beautiful Box

  • Convention orders are non-refundable and un-deliverable. All orders place must be collected at the event, and uncollected orders will be cancelled and remain non-refundable.

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