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Our exclusive edition of Rise of the Cinder Fae has:

🖤A character art dust jacket, drawn by @cludi_a_ and composition by @eternalgeekery
🖤Case art by @eternalgeekery
🖤Foiling on the case design
🖤A digitally printed fore edge designed by @eternalgeekery
🖤Sprayed top and bottom edge
🖤Coloured endpapers
🖤A signed bookplate


These boxes are the same as the fantasy subscription boxes of Febrary and also contain:

💜 An exclusive edition hardback of Rise of the Cinder Fae

💜 A bookmark

💜 A letter from the author

💜 A readalong card

💜 A mystery item

CONVENTION - Rise of the Cinder Fae Box

  • Convention orders are non-refundable and un-deliverable. All orders place must be collected at the event, and uncollected orders will be cancelled and remain non-refundable. 

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