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It brings us great pleasure to announce our exclusive edition of Legion of the Queen by D.M. Simmons 🪽 This sequel has been designed to beautifully compliment our edition of Fealty of the Fallen, to complete the After the Fall duet!

Our stunning paperback edition features:
🦋A redesigned cover by @artscandare
🦋A digitally printed foreedge design by @artscandare
🦋A signed bookplate

For those who missed book 1, we have a very small number of overstock copies that will also be available on the sale day 😮

Sales will commence on 20th June for those who received Fealty of the Fallen and those with an active subscription, in early access. General sales will then open on 21st June at 10am BST 🫶 Books will be priced at £15 + shipping (£30 for the full duet + shipping)

This is a preorder. Shipping expected in August/September 💜

Note - this is a digital mock up to show the design, and the final book may differ slightly!

Legion of the Queen (Fealty of the Fallen book 2)

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