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Frequently Asked Questions

We want The Butterfly Book Club to be accessible to all! That’s why I’ve provided comprehensive answers to some of my most frequently asked questions, which are listed below. If your question isn't answered below, please contact us!

What comes in a book box from The Butterfly Book Club?

All fantasy boxes contain: an exclusive edition hardback copy of the monthly book, a signed bookplate (hand, digitally or stamp signed), a bookmark, a letter from the author, a readalong card and a mystery item based on the book! Our monthly picks for the fantasy box are a mix of YA/NA and Adult!

What is indie and why did we choose them?

The term 'indie' refers to authors who publish their book independently (i.e. not through a publisher). You might also hear the term 'self-published' which means the same thing. We chose to work with indie authors after discovering some AMAZING stories that just weren't being recognised as you cannot find them in your local bookshop! So we set out to bring these hidden gems to readers.

How much is a box?

If you want to buy a box for one month only, the box would be £30.99. If you would like to receive a box every month, and start a subscription plan, it will be £28.00 a month.


How much is shipping? (UK and international)

Boxes shipped within the UK come with FREE TRACKED shipping. Outside of the UK, shipping is calculated by country. As a general idea, shipping within Europe is £12.00 and shipping to the rest of the world is £22.00. We have kept shipping as low as possible by charging the cost price! All orders are sent with tracked shipping and you will be provided with a tracking number.

When will my monthly box be shipped?

Our monthly boxes are always shipped at the end of the feature month, no matter when you placed your order. You will receive a dispatch email when your order is on the way!

How do we find out what the monthly book will be?

Our monthly features are announced on our social media pages in the month before the feature! At the time of ordering, you will always know what the monthly book is!

Accept returns or refunds?

Unfortunately we cannot grant refunds for our boxes once they have arrived with you if you do not like the items or do not enjoy the book. The beauty of reading is that we all enjoy different things, and we just cannot guarantee that every reader will love every pick! If there is an issue or damage to your box, please see "What is our damages policy?"

What types of items have you included in past boxes?

We try our very best to include a range of different items in our boxes! Past items have included things like candles, booksleeves, mugs, notebooks and pin badges.

What is the readalong?

Our readalongs are your chance to make new bookish friends and meet the authors we work with. There is a readalong every month, and everyone who bought a box is invited to join the Instagram readalong group chat in the month after the feature (e.g. if you bought a May box, you would be invited to the readalong for it in June). In the chat you can meet The Butterfly Book Club and the author of the book too! The readalong takes place over a full month, and the chapters of the book are divided into four weeks. The readalong card in your box tells you which chapters to read each week, and at the end of the week the group chat opens for discussion of the chapters! As you read, you will also notice little cards in the book with questions or challenges. These are our prompt cards and are aimed at helping you to open discussions in the chat! They are also your opportunity to win prizes, by sharing your prompt answers on you social media!


What is our damages policy?

We do everything in our power to ensure that your box is the highest quality possible, but unfortunately damage can occur out of our control. If your package arrives and any of the contents are damaged, you should contact The Butterfly Book Club within 48 hours of delivery, with photos of the damage and any damage to the packaging. Each case will be individually reviewed and appropriate action will be taken to ensure you receive items of the quality you deserve!

What should I do if my package does not arrive?

Sometimes packages can go missing, even with tracking! To ensure that we can get your package to you, please contact us if your package does not arrive within 21 days of receiving your shipping notification.


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